How Scorpion Got a Contract Worth $139 Million

GiBaCon, Inc., a supplier of patent-pending artificial intelligence applications for tablet computers announced its first big contract with Vodafone value around $139 million after its involvement with consulting support, services might help anybody with “any financed need” from cyber difficulties, to repairing sites, to private medical investigation or some other company issue.

Walter O’Brien, who’s net worth is over $50 Million (source:

Bastian Yotta, CEO and creator of GiBaCon, stated “ConciergeUp enabled me to find the ideal group to make a special item. They assembled a group which has been unmatched by my rivals in only a month. We finally have a $139 million buy of our technologies by a significant telecom company.” After handling the production of this very first prototype for GiBaCon, managed the invention of the demonstration pitch and video deck which comprised investor plan and valuation to the pro forma and company program. followed with openings to prospective investors in under five months.

GiBaCon generates artificial-intelligence avatars for tablets which make it much easier for elderly and younger generations to socialize. constructed the development staff, project managers, and legal counsel required to research, construct, and builder GiBaCon’s platform in addition to the company model. also accumulated all the prerequisites of the model and defined precisely what it ought to do.

GiBaCon came to using a financed requirement to simulate and ideal technology that responds to consumer opinions. “Our technology includes a sound port to make an email if you request it, convention on Skype, or pull on a photograph from Facebook.”

“The pill, through GiBaCon’s applications, will understand your tastes and respond smartly,” clarified Yotta. “For instance, the avatar will teach the pill computer to perform the Mozart songs that it knows will bring a grin to a face in reaction to it seeing that you are miserable.”

“When Bastian Yotta arrived to his petition was to earn a multi-billion dollar business that joins generations through technologies,” explained Walter O’Brien, who headed the project from conception to market. Included in this procedure, conducted the trademark and copyright search for the product title.

GiBaCon’s initial service’s launch in the end of 2015.